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Legacy of Steel by Mathew Ward

Legacy of Steel

A year has passed since an unlikely alliance saved the Tressian Republic from fire and darkness – at great cost. Thousands perished, and Viktor Akadra – the Republic’s champion – has disappeared.

While the ruling council struggles to mend old wounds, other factions sense opportunity. The insidious Parliament of Crows schemes in the shadows, while to the east the Hadari Emperor gathers his armies. As turmoil spreads across the Republic, its ripples are felt in the realms of the divine.

War is coming . . . and this time the gods themselves will take sides.

Narrated by Kristin Atherton

The Marriage by K.L. Slater

The Marriage

Ten years ago he killed my son. Today I married him.

Ten years ago my darling son Jesse was murdered and our perfect family was destroyed. My strong, handsome boy, so full of life, became a memory, a photo I carried with me everywhere.

But today I’m finally close to finding happiness again. My ash-blonde hair has been curled into ringlets. Carefully placed white flowers frame my delicate features. The small, drab chapel has been prettied up with white satin, and there are tiny red hearts scattered on the small table where I will soon sign the register with my new husband.

The man who killed my son.

My friends and family can’t understand it. My neighbours whisper in the street whenever I walk past. How can I love a man like Tom?

They don’t really know me at all…

Narrated by Lucy Price-Lewis.

Roman Chronicles II: The Rise of Caratacus by K. M. Ashman

The Rise of Caratacus

Old friends will clash, armies will collide… let there be blood.

50 AD. The Invasion is over and Roman legions spread throughout the land, a blood red stain on Britannia. Caratacus has fled south to rebuild his army and warriors flock to his banner.

In the north, a disgraced legionary grasps the chance to regain his honour and joins the Exploratores, the elite Roman unit operating behind enemy lines. He nurtures a deeper desire, however: the chance to fulfill an oath made six years previous.

As the armies of Caratacus and Scapula prepare for their final clash, a devastating, blood-soaked battle, the soldier draws closer to his ultimate prize, the chance to murder the man he once called brother.

With incredible scope and depth, this is a masterful Roman historical tale, ideal for fans of Ben Kane, Conn Iggulden and Robert Fabbri.

Narrated by Ciaran Saward.

Call Me Mummy by Tina Baker

She wanted a child. So she took one.

Kristin Atherton narrates this chilling and gripping tale, that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

“Glamorous, beautiful Mummy has everything a woman could want. Except for a daughter of her very own. So when she sees Kim – heavily pregnant, glued to her phone and ignoring her eldest child in a busy shop – she does what anyone would do. She takes her. But foul-mouthed little Tonya is not the daughter that Mummy was hoping for.

As Tonya fiercely resists Mummy’s attempts to make her into the perfect child, Kim is demonised by the media as a ‘scummy mummy’, who deserves to have her other children taken too. Haunted by memories of her own childhood and refusing to play by the media’s rules, Kim begins to spiral, turning on those who love her.

Though they are worlds apart, Mummy and Kim have more in common than they could possibly imagine. But it is five-year-old Tonya who is caught in the middle…”

River Kings by Cat Jarman

River Kings

Follow bioarchaeologist Cat Jarman – and the cutting-edge forensic techniques central to her research – as she uncovers epic stories of the Viking age and follows a small ‘Carnelian’ bead found in a Viking grave in Derbyshire to its origins thousands of miles to the east in Gujarat.

“Dr Cat Jarman is a bioarchaeologist, specialising in forensic techniques to research the paths of Vikings who came to rest in British soil. By examining teeth that are now over one thousand years old, she can determine childhood diet, and thereby where a person was likely born. With radiocarbon dating, she can ascertain a death date down to the range of a few years. And her research offers new visions of the likely roles of women and children in Viking culture.

In 2017, a carnelian bead came into her temporary possession. River Kings sees her trace its path back to eighth-century Baghdad and India, discovering along the way that the Vikings’ route was far more varied than we might think, that with them came people from the Middle East, not just Scandinavia, and that the reason for this unexpected integration between the Eastern and Western worlds may well have been a slave trade running through the Silk Road, and all the way to Britain.

Told as a riveting story of the Vikings and the methods we use to understand them, this is a major reassessment of the fierce, often-mythologised voyagers of the north, and of the global medieval world as we know it.”

We had a quick chat with Cat and asked her about River Kings.

Meet Me In Another Life by Catriona Silvey

Two people. Infinite lifetimes. One impossible choice.

This is a book you will need to listen to again and again. Each time you will find something new and exciting that you didn’t notice before.

Narrated by Kristin Atherton, this book will take you on a journey like no other. 

“Thora and Santi are strangers in a foreign city when a chance encounter intertwines their fates. At once, they recognize in each other a kindred spirit—someone who shares their insatiable curiosity, who is longing for more in life than the cards they’ve been dealt. Only days later, though, a tragic accident cuts their story short.

But this is only one of the many connections they share. Like satellites trapped in orbit around each other, Thora and Santi are destined to meet again: as a teacher and prodigy student; a caretaker and dying patient; a cynic and a believer. In numerous lives they become friends, colleagues, lovers, and enemies. But as blurred memories and strange patterns compound, Thora and Santi come to a shocking revelation—they must discover the truth of their mysterious attachment before their many lives come to one, final end.”

Available in the UK from July 2021

Black Rain Falling

Black Rain Falling

“Delving into issues of family, class and loyalty, Black Rain Falling is a stunning crime novel that asks how far one should go to protect those they love.”

The talented Ben Onwukwe is back narrating the new Jacob Ross crime thriller Black Rain Falling.

“On the Caribbean island of Camaho, forensics expert Michael ‘Digger’ Digson is in deep trouble.

His fellow CID detective Miss Stanislaus kills a man in self-defence – their superiors believe it was murder, and Digger given just six weeks to prove his friend is innocent.

While the authorities bear down on them, Digger and Miss Stanislaus investigate a shocking roadside murder, the first tremors of a storm of crime and corruption that will break over Camaho at any moment.”

The audiobook will be available to download in March 2020.

Juggling by Barbara Trapido

The highly acclaimed novel and sequel to Temples of Delight by bestselling and much-loved novelist Barbara Trapido.

“Sparky Christina and her saintly adopted sister Pam couldn’t be more different. And when they meet similarly mismatched friends Jago and Peter, the four embark on a dazzling series of pairings and partings, outrageous coincidences and eleventh-hour entrances interrupted one disastrous Halloween when schoolboy revelry turns horribly wrong. Three years on, as Christina analyses the wit, cruelty and crossed genders of Shakespearean comedy, the cast of her own life reunites and the curtain falls on some gloriously unexpected partnerships.”

Narrated by Tamsin Kennard.

Temples of Delight by Barbara Trapido

“Jem is a joyful mystery to Alice. She is something to give thanks for. And when she disappears from Alice’s life, as suddenly as she entered it, a whirl of glamour, subversion and literary references, Alice is left bereft. But then she meets Giovanni, presumptuous and hectoring, passionate and beautiful, who leads her back to her childhood friend and the mystery and chaos still surrounding her. Alice finds herself being seduced all over again.”

Narrated by Tamsin Kennard.

The Travelling Hornplayer by Barbara Trapido

“Lydia is killed in a car accident, but she returns to her bereft sister as a benign ghost who, nonetheless, comes to haunt the lives of those around her in unexpected ways: Jonathan Goldman, whose flat Lydia is running from when she is knocked down; his daughter Stella, who has discovered that her father has been having an affair with the gladiatorial Sonia; Stella’s genius painter-boy lover Izzy, whom she leaves behind as she flees to the arms of kindly Peregrine. Along with good stepmothers, bad mothers, strange professors and wicked monks, their lives collide in a breathtaking finale.”

Narrated by Elaine Claxton, Katy Sobey, Tamsin Kennard, John Telfer.

Blood of Empire by Brian McClellan

“Brian McClellan’s Sins of Empire began an epic tale of magic and revolution. The story continued in Wrath of Empire, as rebels, spies and sorcerers clashed. Now this thrilling adventure reaches an explosive conclusion in Blood of Empire, the final novel in the Gods of Blood and Powder series.”

Narrated by John Telfer.

Outpost by Dan Richards

“There are still wild places out there on our crowded planet. 

Through a series of personal journeys, Dan Richards explores the appeal of far-flung outposts in mountains, tundra, forests, oceans and deserts. Following a route from the Cairngorms of Scotland to the fire-watch lookouts of Washington State; from Iceland’s ‘Houses of Joy’ to the Utah desert; frozen ghost towns in Svalbard to shrines in Japan; Roald Dahl’s writing hut to a lighthouse in the North Atlantic, Richards explores landscapes which have inspired writers, artists and musicians, and asks: why are we drawn to wilderness? What can we do to protect them? And what does the future hold for outposts on the edge?”

Narrated by Dan Richards.

Where There’s a Will by Emily Chappell

Hope, Grief and Endurance in a Cycle Race Across a Continent 

In 2015, Athlete, cyclist and writer Emily Chappell cycled 4,000km across Europe. In her new book “Where There’s a Will”, she tells her story, and we were lucky enough to produce it!

“On her first attempt she made it only halfway, waking up suddenly on her back in a field, floored by the physical and mental exertion.
A year later she entered the race again – and won.”

“Where There’s a Will takes us into Emily Chappell’s race, grinding up mountain passes and charging down the other side; snatching twenty minutes’ sleep on the outskirts of a village before jumping back on the bike to surge ahead for another day; feeding in bursts and navigating on the go.

We experience the crippling self-doubt of the ultra distance racer, the confusing intensity of winning and the desperation of losing a dear friend who understood all of this. “

The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing by Guy Robertson

The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing

Can ageing really be a positive experience? Yes. You can make a difference to your own ageing process.

We started the year with health and wellbeing with Guy Robertson reading his book “The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing”

“You can make a difference to your own ageing process. Research shows that how we think about ageing can have a significant impact on our health and wellbeing in later life. The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing challenges and debunks the inaccurate and negative attitudes that may be contaminating your outlook on getting older, and provides a clear, practical road map for exerting more choice and control over the ageing process.

Concentrating on the psychological and emotional aspects of getting older, and deploying a range of personal development techniques, The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing provides you with the keys to a happier and more fulfilled later life. This is the book for those of us who want to do ageing differently.”

The Lydmouth Series by Andrew Taylor

Through out November and December we were lucky enough to work with the wonderful Philip Franks on Andrew Taylor’s chilling Lydmouth Series.

The series includes An Air That Kills, The Mortal Sickness, The Lover Of The Grave, The Suffocating Night, Where Roses Fade, Deaths Own Door, and Naked The The Hangman.

Set in the 1950’s, we meet Jill Francis, the newly arrived London journalist and inspector Richard Thornhill, along with an array of other characters making up the mysterious town of Lydmouth.

Every book has a shocking twist and is beautifully voiced, definitely a series to listen out for in 2020.

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

Easy, do-able, down to earth ideas and suggestions for everyone to help save the planet.

One of our wonderful producers, Deryn Edwards worked with writer Jen Gale on her book The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide.

Which tells you “everything you need to know to make small changes that make a big difference”

“If you want to save the planet, but your to-do list is already pretty long and remembering your re-usable coffee cup feels like a Herculean task, then this is the book for you. Covering every aspect of our lives from the stuff we buy and the food we eat, to how we travel, work, and celebrate. This book provides stacks of practical, down to earth ideas to slot into your daily life, alongside a gentle kick up the butt to put your newfound knowledge into action.

Practical tips include unsubscribing from all the tempting emails that drop into your inbox with details of the newest clothing range or the latest sale, and keeping a mug next to your kettle to work out how much water you actually need to boil each time, as over filling kettles costs British households £68 million on energy bills each year.

Find out how to fit “sustainable living” into your life, in a way that works for you. Change your impact without radically changing your life and figure out the small steps you can make that will add up to make a big difference (halo not included).”

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide is available to purchase on the 9th of January 2020

Hell Is Round The Corner by Tricky

The Unique No-Holds Barred Autobiography

We are delighted to announce the release of Tricky’s “No-Holds Barred” autobiography, with the talented kirris Riviere reading the voice of Tricky.

Starting with his mothers suicide, and the effect this had on him as a child, Tricky explores his Bristol heritage, up bringing and his creative journey to becoming an acclaimed music artist and producer.

Tricky invites family members, friends, and colleagues to share their thoughts, giving the reader and listener a unique insight into an equally unique artist.

“A life in which violence and tragedy have lurked beside every success story”

“Although it is bookended by tragedy, and shot through with the violence and abuse of his early life, Hell Is Round the Corner proves an ultimately uplifting read, the testament of a fierce, funny and seemingly indomitable spirit.”

As a fan of Tricky, Kirris really enjoyed being able to work on this project, getting a personal “behind the scenes” perspective of the artist.

After recording, we had some Chatterbox Chatter with Kirris about Hell Is Round The Corner.

Hell Is Round The Corner is now available to download.

The Great Pretender by Susannah Cahalan

The Undercover Mission That Changed Our Understanding of Madness.

We have been lucky enough to work on Susannah Cahalan’s new book The Great Pretender, with the wonderful Katherine Fenton narrating.

“For centuries, doctors have struggled to define mental illness–how do you diagnose it, how do you treat it, how do you even know what it is? In search of an answer, in the 1970s a Stanford psychologist named David Rosenhan and seven other people–sane, normal, well-adjusted members of society–went undercover into asylums around America to test the legitimacy of psychiatry’s labels. Forced to remain inside until they’d “proven” themselves sane, all eight emerged with alarming diagnoses and even more troubling stories of their treatment. Rosenhan’s watershed study broke open the field of psychiatry, closing down institutions and changing mental health diagnosis forever.

But, as Cahalan’s explosive new research shows, very little in this saga is exactly as it seems. What really happened behind those closed asylum doors, and what does it mean for our understanding of mental illness today?”

Susannah’s first book Brain on Fire has also been made into a film, and is currently available on Netflix.

The Wonders by Dr John Woolf

A radical new history of the Victorian age: meet the forgotten and extraordinary freak performers whose talents and disabilities helped define an era.

The Wonders was narrated by Gavin Osborn and written by Dr John Woolf who Stephen Fry calls A promising young historian with a taste for the exotic.’

“Dr John Woolf uses a wealth of recently discovered material to bring to life the sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, always extraordinary stories of people who used their (dis)abilities and difference to become some of the first international celebrities. And through their lives we discover afresh some of the great transformations of the age: the birth of show business, of celebrity, of advertising, of ‘alternative facts’; while also exploring the tensions, both then and now, between the power of fame, the impact of exploitation and our fascination with ‘otherness’.”

Here’s the books narrator Gavin Osborn for some Chatterbox Chatter…

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The winners will be announce 31/10/19