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The Lydmouth Series by Andrew Taylor

Through out November and December we were lucky enough to work with the wonderful Philip Franks on Andrew Taylor’s chilling Lydmouth Series.

The series includes An Air That Kills, The Mortal Sickness, The Lover Of The Grave, The Suffocating Night, Where Roses Fade, Deaths Own Door, and Naked The The Hangman.

Set in the 1950’s, we meet Jill Francis, the newly arrived London journalist and inspector Richard Thornhill, along with an array of other characters making up the mysterious town of Lydmouth.

Every book has a shocking twist and is beautifully voiced, definitely a series to listen out for in 2020.

The Wonders by Dr John Woolf

A radical new history of the Victorian age: meet the forgotten and extraordinary freak performers whose talents and disabilities helped define an era.

The Wonders was narrated by Gavin Osborn and written by Dr John Woolf who Stephen Fry calls A promising young historian with a taste for the exotic.’

“Dr John Woolf uses a wealth of recently discovered material to bring to life the sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant, always extraordinary stories of people who used their (dis)abilities and difference to become some of the first international celebrities. And through their lives we discover afresh some of the great transformations of the age: the birth of show business, of celebrity, of advertising, of ‘alternative facts’; while also exploring the tensions, both then and now, between the power of fame, the impact of exploitation and our fascination with ‘otherness’.”

Here’s the books narrator Gavin Osborn for some Chatterbox Chatter…

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