Churchill's People

Churchill’s People by Mary Jane Staples

In 1941, the United Kingdom was in desperate straits, standing alone with its troops against the colossal war machine of Nazi Germany.

Vampire: The Curse of Sekhmet

Vampire: The Curse of Sekhmet by K. M. Ashman

What she uncovers is beyond her wildest dreams…..and darkest nightmares

The Blade Bearer

The Blade Bearer by K. M. Ashman

He prays for strength, he prays for courage but most of all, he prays for forgiveness for the vengeance he is about to unleash.


The Accidental Influencer: How My Need to Get Likes Nearly Ruined My Life by Bella Younger

When Bella Younger spawned Deliciously Stella – her hilarious and daring social media alter ego – she wanted to prove once and for all that Instagram does not equal reality.