Gareth Price-Lewis

Company Director

Our hairy leader, Gareth is most famous for the immense hair growth all over this head and face. He is also pretty amazing at mucking about with sound of all shaped and sizes. He can edit at the speed of light and makes a mean cup of peppermint tea when pushed.​

Lucy Price-Lewis

Company Director

The one who thinks she’s in charge most of the time. Lucy likes to read a lot, which is lucky because she spends a great deal of time locked in a Chatterpod doing just that. She also helps the hairy one run things and talks – a LOT.​

Julie John


She keeps us all where we should be. Julie looks after Chatterbox's accounts, tells people off when they owe us money and eats lots of biscuits. She's also an insanely good cook and baker when she's not asking where missing receipts are hiding...​

Pete Oddy

Studio Manager

Pete keeps everything running smoothly at the Chippenham studios, and is the go to guy for all things audio! He always has the best funny videos at hand and keeps the freelancers caffeinated.​

Emily Wilden

Senior Producer

Emily is our in-house audio producer, social media manager and self appointed office jelly bean jar filler. When not producing or prepping books she's being kept in check by her cat Phillip.​

Our Freelancers

We also have a wonderful group of freelance producers, editors and proof listeners that we couldn't be without. If you are interested in working with us please contact​