Vanquish and Vanish by Ian Rodgers

Vanquish and Vanish

Having united with his fellow Chosen Ones in the Aether, and survived several trials and tribulations within that vast, otherworldly realm, Jelly now faces a new task: finding a way back to Erafore. What should be a simple journey forces the trio of heroes to slip past furious fae, escape angered servants of the Void, and visit one of the Afterlives in order to successfully return to their home.

Yet is Erafore the same as when they left? How long have the Chosen Ones of Nia been gone? And what cruel surprises does the World Rebellion have up its sleeves for their eventual return?
Regardless of the threats looming on the horizon, Jelly, Dora, and Gaelin will face whatever their enemies throw at them, and save Erafore and their loved ones.

Narrated by Peter Kenny.