Heartbreak Houseshare by Emily Merrill

Heartbreak Houseshare

When moving on means moving out…

Surely there should be a rule book to guide you through the tumultuous twenties, or a ‘to do list’ at the very least?

Fresh out of university in Manchester and struggling to climb the career ladder in London, Flick’s devastated when her boyfriend dumps her with no warning and leaves her looking for a new place to live.

Being forced into a houseshare with three complete strangers isn’t exactly how Flick saw things going. But the residents of Carlisle Avenue are quickly on hand to help her navigate the ups and downs of the life she’s currently winging.

With their help, along with her big sister, Flick manages to focus her energy on ticking off items that she’s added to her ‘twenties list’ – the perfect bucket list for any twenty-something reclaiming their life post-break up.

And all is going well, that is until her boss catches wind of it and asks her to create a new magazine column documenting her progress. Enter Teddy, a sweet guy who becomes Flick’s friend after a tennis meet-cute. As the column finds its feet Flick’s in way over her head, somehow managing to fake-date Teddy to please her boss and her readers.

But the further Flick gets into twenties life, the more she realizes: maybe she’s not the only one following the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ mantra.

Narrated by Elizabeth Price.