The Unique No-Holds Barred Autobiography

We are delighted to announce the release of Tricky’s “No-Holds Barred” autobiography, with the talented kirris Riviere reading the voice of Tricky.

Starting with his mothers suicide, and the effect this had on him as a child, Tricky explores his Bristol heritage, up bringing and his creative journey to becoming an acclaimed music artist and producer.

Tricky invites family members, friends, and colleagues to share their thoughts, giving the reader and listener a unique insight into an equally unique artist.

“A life in which violence and tragedy have lurked beside every success story”

“Although it is bookended by tragedy, and shot through with the violence and abuse of his early life, Hell Is Round the Corner proves an ultimately uplifting read, the testament of a fierce, funny and seemingly indomitable spirit.”

As a fan of Tricky, Kirris really enjoyed being able to work on this project, getting a personal “behind the scenes” perspective of the artist.

After recording, we had some Chatterbox Chatter with Kirris about Hell Is Round The Corner.

Hell Is Round The Corner is now available to download.