InCredible Communication by Steven Lewis & Rebecca Weintraub

Incredible Communication

Regardless of experience or expertise, no interview, pitch or meeting will be successful unless it is succinctly, confidently and convincingly delivered. The competitive business landscape demands a high level of communication skills and a deep awareness of not only what we say, but also how we deliver it. In this era of digital communication and information overload, clear messaging has never been more vital – and personal credibility has never been more valuable.

From a Professor of Communication and a seasoned Communication Strategist, InCredible Communication brings 75 years’ combined experience of practical expertise to the art of effective business communication. Exploring both individual credibility and wider corporate culture, this book provides intuitive tools and techniques that anyone can use to become a more effective communicator or salesperson. It explores the best techniques when communicating in any medium – whether you are conversing in-person, over Zoom or even via social media.

Narrated by Christopher Ragland.