Make Money While You Sleep by Lucy Griffiths

Make Money While You Sleep

Forget the old ways of unhealthy working hours and pressing pause on your life until retirement – especially in uncertain economic times. In Make Money While You Sleep, Lucy Griffiths, passive income strategist and coach, will share how you can create a course-based business that works 24 hours a day for you while you get on with the business of living your life.

Packed with advice, knowledge and refreshing honesty, Lucy will take you through the process of course creation: from inspiration to getting it done, to actually selling it!

* Learn how to stand out in an increasingly content-saturated world by using a proven system that turns your ideas into a bestselling brand.

* Package up your expertise and sell your courses on repeat.

* Learn how to position yourself as an expert in your industry and harness the power of social media and YouTube to upscale your business.

Now is the time to take your digital course idea and turn it into a money-making machine!

Written and narrated by by Lucy Griffiths.