Our Stolen Child by Melissa Wiesner

Our Stolen Child by Melissa Wiesner

Quinn cries silent tears as she folds a tiny knitted cardigan, bought in a moment of hope, and packs it away. All she’s ever wanted is to be a mother. Although her husband James brings her comfort, the knowledge they have no embryos left, and that their child is out there being raised by another family, is tearing them both apart.

When the clinic tell Quinn and James they have the right to spend time with little Emily, at first they hesitate. Of course they would never want to come between Emily and her loving family. But they can’t turn down the chance to look into their own child’s eyes…

Quinn’s heart cracks wide open the second she sees Emily’s wild curly hair framing her heart-shaped face, and big brown eyes staring up at her. Her daughter looks just like Quinn. And when a giggling Emily flings her tiny arms around Quinn’s waist, it’s like she’s right where she belongs.

And as the two families reckon with an unimaginable situation, a terrible secret from James’ past surfaces: one that forces Quinn to question everything she thought she wanted. Will Emily’s family allow their relationship to continue? How will they decide what’s right for the little girl they all love so dearly? And where does Emily truly belong?

Narrated by Katherine Fenton