Roman Chronicles III: The Wrath of Boudicca by K. M. Ashman

The Wrath of Boudicca

One warrior will bring an army to its knees…

Britannia, 60 AD. When her husband dies, Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, expects Rome to enter into a new agreement with her people. However, when Rome betrays them and her daughters are raped by Roman soldiers, Boudicca swears revenge.

The Britannic tribes rise up and join her in a campaign against their oppressors and soon her enormous army sweeps across the country in an unstoppable campaign of brutality.

A young boy races to join her cause, but when it is discovered that he is the last true blood of the Deceangli, Prydain, the ex-legionary, embarks on a mission to save him. For the final time, his path is destined to cross with Cassus, the boyhood friend who has sworn to kill him, whatever the cost.

Narrated by Ciaran Saward.