Sleep Better, Baby by Cat Cubie and Sarah Carpenter

Sleep Better, Baby by Cat Cubie and Sarah Carpenter

It’s 2am but your baby thinks it’s party time; their ‘routine’ seems to change with the wind, and you would do anything to get a good night’s sleep…

We know how you feel! You might be prepared and reading this before baby arrives, or as they snooze beside you in those early new-born days, knowing that forewarned is forearmed. Or your eyebags may tell their own bedtime story…

Either way, if your baby is not sleeping, you have not done anything wrong. Your baby is not broken (although you might feel broken from lack of sleep), and you are not a bad parent. Baby sleep is not linear; it changes a lot during their first few years (they like to keep us on our toes like that…). You are here because you want some honest support and real solutions.

And the good news? We can give you that.

Between us, we – Cat and Sarah AKA ‘The Sleep Mums’ – have over 30 years professional experience, plus hands on practice with having our own unique babies. Thousands of parents have turned to us for help and advice – we’ve been asked to write our wisdom down in a book countless times, so at long last, here it is! Sleep Better, Baby will arm you with the confidence and tools to see you through the long nights (and days) of your baby’s early years.

You’ve got this.

Written and read by Cat Cubie and Sarah Carpenter.