The Divorce Surgery by Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates

The Divorce Surgery

Almost half of all marriages will end in divorce is but yet the topic remains hugely stigmatised. No one sets out to separate when they embark on a marriage and so perhaps people don’t know where to turn when the time comes. The first port of call is always a lawyer, but the costs can be huge. And with nearly 40 per cent of all separating couples end up in court over the arrangements for their children, there has to be an easier way.

With a change in legislation and the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorces the time has indeed come for a fresh approach to divorce and separation. Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates are family barristers who have completely changed the way couples look at divorce. With their innovative ‘One Couple One Lawyer’ concept, they want to help anyone going through a divorce or break up and change how we, as a society, view and approach divorce.

Broken down into an accessible 10-step plan, The Divorce Surgery, covers all the things you need to think of when you are separating and includes insight from two leading family lawyers alongside excerpts from other industry experts. From setting goals to agreeing a course of action, from working out a plan for co-parenting to reaching a financial agreement, the book will take you through every stage of the divorce process. This practical guide will be an invaluable resource for anyone going through the separation process, as well anyone else who is affected by divorce, including friends or family members and will provide an accessible blueprint for divorcing well.

Written and narrated by Samantha Woodham and Harry Gates.