The Haunted Lady by Bill Kitson

The Haunted Lady

Returning from their honeymoon, newly-weds Adam and Eve Bailey are immediately plunged into another investigation – one that poses their biggest challenge yet.

After a local art dealer is found stabbed to death behind the local cricket pavilion, another killing swiftly follows.

Meanwhile, Reverend Michael Phillips, vicar of the local church is beset with problems. Since the disappearance of a rare painting that hung there, his parishioners believe the church’s Lady Chapel to be haunted. And, adding to his woes, Michael’s fiancĂ©e has discovered her birth certificate to be forged, forcing them to postpone their wedding.

Adam and Eve must race against time to uncover deadly secrets from the past to reveal the killer – secrets that others will stop at nothing to keep hidden.

Narrated by Mike Rogers.