The Hornsea Marina Murders by Pauline Rowson

The Hornsea Marina Murders by Pauline Rowson

One foggy December night, Detective Inspector Andy Horton is called to the site of a burning boat on Horsea Marina. He finds a charred body onboard.

The autopsy reveals startling evidence of foul play. The victim was Tom Brundall, a wealthy financier from Guernsey. And Tom had terminal cancer. What made him sail back to his hometown of Portsmouth? And who would kill a dying man?

Horton is determined to find out.

But then another body is found and Horton is forced to confront the past. Not just the victim’s, but the mystery surrounding his own mother’s disappearance over thirty years ago.

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to unravel, it becomes clear that Horton is up against a deadly adversary who will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming out.

Can Horton catch a killer and find out what happened to his mother all those years ago?

Narrated by Colin Mace