The Langstone Harbour Murders by Pauline Rowson

The Langstone Harbour Murders by Pauline Rowson

The head mistress of a Portsmouth school is found brutally murdered on an old structure in the middle of Langstone Harbour. Detective Andy Horton of Portsmouth CID leads the investigation.

A note is found on the victim with the words ‘Have you forgotten ME?’ scrawled on it.

And a wad of money covered in honey, and wrapped in a five pound note is also discovered on her person.

The victim is Jessica Langley, a steely, determined woman who has made enemies on her path to success. But did any of them hate her enough to want her dead?

All the evidence points to a killer who wanted to leave a very particular message.

Horton is in a race against time to piece together the clues and stop the killer. With the clock ticking and Superintendent Uckfield pressing for results, Horton is forced to make a decision that will put his life on the line.

Narrated by Colin Mace