The Portchester Castle Murders by Pauline Rowson

The Portchester Castle Murders by Pauline Rowson

It’s Friday the thirteenth and Detective Inspector Andy Horton’s luck is about to run out.

His Harley-Davidson is vandalized, a strange symbol etched into the paintwork. Is it some kind of warning?

To make matters worse, Horton’s nit-picking boss, DCI Lorraine Bliss, has returned early from her secondment to HQ.

And a convicted murderer out on licence has gone missing. Luke Felton. Horton recognizes the name from a case he worked as a sergeant.

Now a decomposing corpse washes up in Portsmouth harbour. The bloated body is found lying in the thick slimy mud.

Before Horton can get a grip on either case, his phone rings. He doesn’t recognize the number. A voice on the other end gives him an address: Willow Bank, Shore Road, Portchester.

Horton knows it. The house belongs to a woman he’d met the day before. And now she’s dead. Her body lies in her windswept garden.

Horton’s got a lot on his plate. Can he connect the dots before anyone else dies?

Narrated by Colin Mace