The Restaurant At The Heart Of The Lakes by Ellie Wood

The Restaurant At The Heart Of The Lakes

Anna Carleton runs the best restaurant in Buttermere, Hesta. Her local food, seasonal recipes and the taste of the wild she offers brings diners from all over the world to this corner of Cumbria. But there’s a reason why Anna works every hour she can and it’s time she faced it.

Rose has spent her life farming the fells. It’s a hard life that’s not for everyone; Rose and her dad run the farm alone, and she can see they need to change if they’re to keep their home – even if change is hard to accept. Olivia knows people patronise her for being an ‘influencer’ but she makes a living from her videos and beautiful pictures of her seemingly perfect life.

As an online star, she’s used to getting things for free, but when real life threatens not to be so photogenic, she realises there are some things money or fame can’t buy. Will the rugged beauty of the Lakes and the delicious food it offers help bring them together, and maybe find the missing ingredients in their own lives?

Narrated by Emma Swan.