There's Still No Such Thing as 'Naughty' by Kate Silverton

There's Still No Such Thing As 'Naughty'

Struggling with screen-time?


Anxiety around school?


In There’s Still No Such Thing As ‘Naughty’Sunday Times bestselling author and child therapist Kate Silverton explains that, while our children aged 5-12 are becoming more independent and physically mature, they need us more than ever emotionally.


Backed by neuroscience, neurobiology, and her practical clinical experience, Kate offers compassionate wisdom and insight into the inner workings of your child’s mind, demonstrating how to help them better soothe their anxiety, regulate their emotions, cultivate resilience, foster empathy and navigate thoughts and big feelings with ease.


· How parents can support their child’s healthy brain development
· How to help with anxiety around going to school
· The importance of time spent in play
· How to support our own mental health as much as our children’s
· How to strengthen the connections with our children and have an easier time of it too!
· Why there is still no such thing as ‘naughty’

Narrated by Kate Silverton.